OMG! So sweet, so true. Love and Marriage, go together like a…whatever! All cynicism aside, Martin and Katherine wowed the Admiral and I with their love and friendship (not to mention their passion for Mac and Cheese). We are inspired by their story. High school sweethearts, they managed to buck the general trend and made it to their 1st Wedding Anniversary, which they wisely rolled into their honeymoon. With Martin busy with law school and Katherine busy promoting the Public Health while tackling the difficult problem of fetal alcohol syndrome (all the while looking at becoming a Physician’s Assistant), these two 24 year olds really needed a break from their respective realities. And break they did, hiking, snorkeling, watching old movies, and becoming able body seaman in the process. Lets not forget the brutal hike from the east end of Jost Van Dyke up to the top of the island mountain overlooking all the islands in the stream. Glad we brought some water along! Even my legs were shaky after this hike. The trip started out on St. John at Reef Bay where we visited the old sugar mill and the gentle and subtle petroglyphs smiling out at us from the rocky reflecting pool. Then on to Salt Pond Bay where we hiked up to Ram’s Head and ate cactus berries on the way. Next day we sailed all day up to Gorda Sound, and that evening visited the Bitter End and Saba Rock. We rented a car the following day and toured Virgin Gorda, hitting the Bathes where the kids scrambled over the boulders with aplomb. Lunch was had at the top of the Bathes with the great view. Next up was Hog Heaven for the breathtaking views of Gorda Sound and Anegada in the distance. Got up early and sailed to next day to Norman Island, where we snorkeled the caves and Indians, partied at the Willi T, and next morning hiked up along the Norman Island ridgeline. After Norman Island was Jost Van Dyke and the brutal hike to the top. Ugh!!! My feet and legs seriously got a work out. We then sailed back to St. John and Watermelon Cay, Leinster Bay, enjoying the ruins. The trip ended with a quick visit to US Customs to check back into the US at Cruz Bay, then on to Crowne Bay where we dropped them off for their flight back home. We wish these two young people all of the best luck and happiness as they embark upon their life together. They were just delightful, and filled our hearts with love and joy.
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